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Don't you get annoyed when your siblings want to sleep and you have to study for an essay? You think there is a TV room, but your younger siblings are making too much noise. In this workshop we will build an LED holder, to attach it to your pen so you can write in the dark. This workshop is really easy, and will take around 1 hour at most. Enjoy!


Sign into tinkercad.com.  In there you can create a lot of stuff like, toys, decoration and other useful stuff.

Measure the pen you want to use (the diameter), and lets call this PenD.  A typical LED measure 3mm in diameter, lets call this LedD.

The idea behind the LED holder is to have two cylinders.  One to hold the battery with the LED, and the other to hold the LED against the pen.

Create the holes for LED and pen

In the next photos you see the two main cylinders where the pen and the LED will go.  In my case, the PenD was 13mm and LedD was 6mm.

the distance between both holes, is also 3mm.  You can see this in the red square I had.  I will delete this in the next step.  Its only here so that I can measure the distance between both holes.

We convert the two cylendars to hole type and add a third calendar to fit them all.  This is the case.  In my case I made the cylinder with a diameter of 28mm.

Hint: When you cut a hole for this project imagine if you can put your finger thru the hole if you can your good to go if you cant then try to move your shape down.

Battery holder

In order for me to connect the LED to the battery, I did something very simple.  A ring with internal diameter of 20mm (based on battery diameter) and width of 3mm.  Similarly to the above, we started with a cylindar showing hte internal diameter, and changed it into a hole, then grouped it with the outside cylinder.

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