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1990: The Bronx Warriors Download Torrent

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Opamp design implementation

I am using the LinearAMP C3000. I have a fairly simple arrangement using two of these opamps connected via a MOSFET. The voltage sources have different polarities, but the inputs are equal. The “U” is 12V and “V” is 1.5V, Vcc.
This is for a model transformer for a hobby electronics project. I have not yet built it, but I want to make sure that the output of the opamps will be enough to turn the mosfet.
Note that the output voltage of the opamps in their own right are nominally 50mV.
I have connected the MOSFET as follows:

The inputs to the opamps are connected to opposite sides of the transformer.
The inputs to the two opamps are connected together via a resistor (R) and another resistor, of value: r1 (11kohm) and r2 (10kohm).
The outputs of the opamps are tied together, to produce a voltage at the base of the mosfet of: U/2 + V.

Will this work? I have not measured the output of the opamps so I am not sure what the max voltage is that can be driven.
Can I safely assume that the U/V opamps are “class-D” opamps, so can I assume that both will see the same Vout on their output?
And if I can expect the output of the opamps to be a maximum of 50mV, what is the maximum input voltage to the opamps? Is this ok, or should I be using a transistor?


You have no common-mode voltage reference.
The V/U circuit is operating in class-D mode, where the output is a switch rather than an amplifier. You need to provide an equalization network for the output of the U input so that the output signal is centered around the midpoint of the U input range.
If the U and V inputs




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