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Active@ Disk Editor Keygen Full Version For Windows [Updated] 2022

Active@ Disk Editor is a disk editor designed for Windows that allows you to browse physical disks and partitions. The application allows you to select a disk image file, and view the sectors of your data. You are also able to search for specific sectors with the help of a search engine.
Version 1.1.1:
– Fixed a bug where resizing partitions would not work
– Fixed a bug where the drop-down menus had strange behaviour on the second selection change
– Updated “New” button and the various fix buttons to match new style – this now has a “Revert” button
– Removed a few small bugs
– Minor bug fixes
Editors comparison:

View image

FileMaker Pro 16.0

FileMaker Pro 16.0 is a spreadsheet program for Windows that allows you to create databases, visually. It is best used for company administration and inventory, but it can be also used for personal use. It is mostly designed for business applications, but it also allows for quick database creation and data transfer. It is intended to help you simplify tasks related to various aspects, but do not count on the complexity that comes with the product. This means that FileMaker Pro 16.0 can be used by everyone, even by those who have no programming experience. It is an easy-to-use tool that can be used by those who need to create a database for personal use, as well as work for your company. There are some software that are often used by those who want to create database for personal use that are not as simple as it should be, but FileMaker Pro 16.0 has a right combination of professional and user-friendly tools. This application has just been released, and it is available on many different platforms, including Windows and Linux.

FileMaker Pro 16.0 options

When opening FileMaker Pro 16.0 the start page has a picture of the application window, which is really nice. There is also a list of the main applications, as well as help files, tutorials and a short description of the app.
The main window is divided into two sections. On the left hand side you can see the Project Editor, which allows you to create, open, save and delete projects. The left part also has a very good preview that you can use to create your design, although you cannot see your other projects.
On the right hand side there are several tools, that can help you create a data base for various purposes. This is

Active@ Disk Editor [Win/Mac]

Made by the same developer of Disk Speed Test, this tool enables a quick and easy reading of Data, Boot and Volume Information on any hard drive connected to your computer.
Why you should buy it:
– Read Information of any hard drive
– Test features of any hard drive
– Show Information of any hard drive
– Clean up a hard drive or partition
– Reset partition table
– Backup content of a hard drive
– Compare several hard drives
– Burn ISO Image to optical disk
– Make a full backup of your hard drive
– Compare hard drives to determine which is better
– Support all Windows versions
– Read raw Data from a CD/DVD drive
– Show Hard Drive Information
– Create New Bootable Drive with selected CD/DVD drive
– Create and read ISO Images
– Clear History in Drive
– Cleanup a Hard Drive
– Display Big File with Tools
– Reverse Search
– Save Files to CD/DVD in any supported format
– Extended Search
– Create Disk Image with selected hard drive
– Hard drive Comparison
– CD/DVD Image Comparison
– Scan for bad sectors
– ASCII/Unicode View
– Compare Files
– Disk Partition Table Read
– Disk Partition Table Write
– Burn Bootable Discs to CD/DVD
– Clone Hard Drive
– Burn Image to Hard Drive
– Backup Disk
– Restore Disk
– Save Data to CD/DVD
– Compress/Decompress File
– Download/Upload File
– Save to Optical Disc
– Convert Files
– Create Folder
– Create/Delete/Rename Files
– Rename Files
– Cut/Copy/Paste Files
– Edit Files
– Sort/Delete/Rename Folders
– List Folders and Files
– Copy Files
– Interact with the Host Operating System
– Test Hard Drive Features
– Compare Hard Drive Features
– Change Time Zone
– Set Different Timezones to your hard drive
– Backup/Restore NTFS/FAT Boot Sector
– Eject/Mount CD/DVD Drive
– Eject CD/DVD drive
– Enum CD/DVD drive
– Load physical disks, partitions or disk image files
– Accelerates access to your hard drive
– Edit your hard drive table
– Read any type of data storage unit
– Display NTFS/FAT Boot Sector
– Show Disk Information for NTFS/FAT partition


Active@ Disk Editor Crack+

The application allows for deep and quick searching of code on most sectors, among other features.
OS: Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 7 SP1 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit, Windows Server 2012 64-bit, Windows Server 2012 R2 64-bit, Windows Server 2016 64-bit
Price: Free (donationware)
Download: Official website
File size: 260 MB

As you might have guessed, Active@ Disk Editor is a free clone of the commercial Active@ Disk. It brings the same functionality that the commercial application is known for. You can open any type of disk, partition or disk image file, view the data of either a single sector or all of the entire disk, quickly navigate to the sector of interest and many more things.
Clever code representation
When the program opens a disk or partition image file, it converts the displayed text into Hex or Unicode and adds the corresponding literal codes in case you need it. Currently, the site lists all three mentioned character sets.
Sectors are aligned on the screen, with the need to scroll a bit to the right or left when necessary. This option is disabled by default, and if you want to keep it enabled, simply click on the Display tab and tick the Get sector numbers from the image, if you wish.
Quick navigation to sectors of interest
The user interface is quite functional. If you are coming from the Active@ Disk, you will feel right at home, no matter which Windows version you are using. The various fields are quite self-explanatory and the created cheat sheet assists you during data editing sessions.
A few last words
A free app that matches the quality of its commercial counterpart, Active@ Disk Editor deserves to be on your Windows-powered machine. You won’t regret it.
Active@ Disk Editor Description:
The free version of the commercial Active@ Disk.
OS: Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 7 SP1 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit, Windows Server 2012 64-bit, Windows Server 2012 R2 64-bit, Windows Server 2016 64-bit
Price: Free
Download: Active@ Disk Editor website
File size: 10 MB

Active@ Disk Editor is a powerful application that lets you save, modify or simply view the content of any disk or partition. Its design looks similar to that of the commercial counterpart. Once you get used to its advanced interface, you won’t need anything else.

What’s New in the?

The name says it all, as the Active@ Disk Editor is designed to help you find lost data on physical disk drives. With its intuitive interface, the tool is available to manage almost every type of disk and partition.
Key Features:
– Manage and browse with disk and partition types
– Quickly recover data from damaged hard drives
– Find files and folders with the help of automatic or custom search
– Quickly find out the type of a disk drive
– Open disk, partition or disk image files with the help of a single click
– New and improved user interface
Quick access
– Shows a list of currently connected drives, just by clicking the respective button
– Allows for quick selection of the desired drive
– Enables the quick viewing of data in the sector-based or file-based format
– The input of data is handled in different languages
– Quickly displays and views any text data via external or internal editor
– Allows for immediate translating data from one format to another
Full control
– Access to select, highlight, copy, paste and delete the data
– Finds hidden and compressed data
– Access to the information of the structure of a disk drive
– Supports ANSI, Unicode and Wide Character Selection

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System Requirements For Active@ Disk Editor:

Windows XP or later (32/64-bit)
DirectX 11 graphics card (with 1 GB RAM or more)
Screen resolution of 1280 x 1024
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