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Chocolate pudding from childhood. Oh… remember that warm honey, vanilla and pudding under the glass in the morning, first thing out of bed. Delicious as it melted in your mouth with a slightly bitter chocolate note. Those lucky chocoholics did not have to get over the fact that they were just eating chocolate pudding for breakfast when going to school!

Nowadays I have to admit, I am a total chocolate pudding fan. I love it, and my boyfriend does too, so when he asked me to make a chocolate pudding for him to eat I could not refuse. This time I will make it very different as I want to see how I can make it more grown-up.

At home, we generally eat pudding in cups. But there will be times that we also want to eat it in a bowl. To make a grown-up pudding without making it too rich and without making it too solid, you should be able to decide whether to eat it in a bowl or a cup.

If you would prefer to eat it in a bowl, then you should make it a little less warm as it should set a little. I added some cream and let it set for a while until it was warm enough, but I do think it will taste better if it is not too warm as the chocolate and the cream start to curdle as the cream is heated.

For me, it is easier to eat the pudding in the bowl than if I am eating it in the cup. While we are eating it, we take spoonfuls and then push it back again and again until it is gone. The bowl is easier to do that in.

It is not difficult to make your own chocolate pudding, but it is easier if you buy pudding so that you do not have to worry about spices or other odd ingredients that can spoil the pudding. But if you do not have any pudding on hand, then it is hard to make something that tastes the same.

Chocolate pudding

Butter, 5 tablespoons

For the pudding

Chocolate, 40 grams

Cream, 7 tablespoons

Milk, 400 ml

Vanilla sugar, 20 grams

Eggs, 2 eggs

For the caramel sauce

Cream, 100




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