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Antiprism is a set of programs for generating, transforming, manipulating and visualising polyhedra, a 3D shape whose faces are polygons. The tool can come in handy for anyone into Geometry theories, but can also be used to create digital art.
The utility works with OFF files, which is a geometry definition file format that packs the descriptions of the polygons included in the polyhedra. The aforementioned complex file can store 2D and 3D objects that users can manipulate in a plethora of forms. More precisely, the app allows users to set the orientation, merging, rotations, translations, adding colors, alignments and radial coloring based on symmetry.
There are numerous transformation utilities included in the set and that are worth experimenting with. Depending on the requirements of the projects, users can transform the polyhedra to polyhedron stellations, zonohedra, Leonardo da Vinci style models, polyhedral kaleidoscope, convex hulls, kaleidocycle rings of polyhedron  or geodesic spheres, just to name a few.
The OFF files can also be converted into other formats, including, but not limited to POV, VRML, DAE or Collada, Wavefront OBJ or coordinated files. Users can receive reports on the modifications made or global measures (e.g. area, volume, centroid), maxima, and counts that they can employ with other projects.


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Download >> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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The author describes the application as, “This software tool provides a basic way to look at and learn about polyhedra.”
It is, of course, meant to be used as a starting tool to explore the application of polyhedra.

Antiprism Serial Key has been put through many years of development, with many updates. The current version displays a new unique library of polyhedra models, including some with different materials and/or geometrical forms.
The authors of the piece also bring forward many new tools and functionalities and, therefore, should be lauded for their development skill.

Version 1.3

Antiprism has been improved with the addition of new features and functionalities, including, but not limited to:

Even though the application is still in its infancy, Antiprism 1.3 has been released through code check. Its current version contains many polyhedra models: 23 models consisting of 5 different materials, 5 models with different geometries and 6 models filled with different colors.

There are also 9 scale models generated by the application, with a different symmetry than the aforementioned set, generating other polyhedra. Additionally, there are other models and visualisations created by the user’s collaboration, as well as many generated sets and forms.

According to the pieces title, the author considers Antiprism to be a “basic tool” for the visualisation of polyhedra. One of its main focuses is to propose a wide variety of 3D shapes that users can experiment and modify.

A total of 4 visualisations to the program are included, one in each category of polyhedra.

Noteworthy, the program (currently) does not work with the.OFF files created by the utility GEDO (Geometry Editor and Display Organizer), like any other geometry editor.


There are two different downloads of Antiprism.

One is the offline version, allowing for the installation of the software as a utility on a computer’s hard drive. There is also a demo version for the software that is available for the download, but it can only be used for a few hours.

The other release is the online version, available on the author’s website. The application is available for download, and also allows for an online access, enabling users to have a 30-day trial period on the online version. The application is, therefore, available for a total of 60 days

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– Generates most of the polyhedron shapes for free.
– Is the only free and open source software for this purpose.
– Its toolset is well balanced between enough to do good stuff, and that they’re easy to use.
– Each shape can be generated in almost all orientations and extremities.
– Provides few shapes and few colors when compared with similar plugins like Blender, Meshmixer, etc.
– The solutions are only available for Mac OS X.

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[Antiprism]( is a tool for generating 3D shapes from a set of two-dimensional, polygonal faces.
The program allows users to import, save, edit, create new, cut, rotate, scale, mirror, color, align, merge, dissolve, envelop, barycentre, construct and divide set of faces, among many others.
The generated shape can be exported to various file formats including, but not limited to OFF, POV, VRML, DAE, Wavefront OBJ, and Collada.
1. High Performance
2. Unique interface
3. Extensible collection of tools
4. Compatible with most major operating systems
5. Free to use
6. Cross-platform
7. Auto save / load work-in-progress
8. Preview of generated 3D shapes

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HandDraw is a pure software solution that do not require any hardware or graphic tablet. The tool is intended for educational purposes only and does not have any commercial use.
HandDraw Description:
[HandDraw]( is a free and open-source tool that allows users to create 3D shapes using only a mouse, and it simulates the path-drawing process of a skilled artist.

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The field of Art is vast, and as such, has many definitions and schools of thought. Despite this, all agree that art is beauty crafted through the use of symbols and other communication systems. It is a form of creative expression, and the act of appreciating it is an Art Form as well. Through Art,

What’s New In Antiprism?

– OCR’d polyhedra OFF files
– 3D-transformation
– Polyhedron stellation
– Polyhedron kaleidoscope
– Polyhedron rectification
– Rotation, translation, scaling, merging, mirroring, mirroring parallel to the line from p0  to p1
– Alignment to an edge or midpoint
– Alignment to a point
– Radial coloring based on symmetry
– The minimum polyhedron model, optionally with convex hull, and its
geodesic shells
– Graphical output of the dynamic attributes of the polyhedron
– OCR’d text in OFF files
– Convert OFF files to POV, Wavefront OBJ, VRML, DAE and other formats
– Project saving and saving as PDF
Antiprism Screenshot:Q:

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System Requirements For Antiprism:

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