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AutoCAD is not supported by Microsoft Windows on their Consumer version of Windows. You can try to reinstall AutoCAD by going to Autodesk download center and downloading the latest update.

AutoCAD is available for free. There are many benefits of AutoCAD. We listed the Best Features of AutoCAD below.

The Best Features of AutoCAD


Autodesk is the world’s leading software developer of architectural and engineering software. Autodesk is the one of the top software market share leader and also one of the top two software developers of the world. Every new feature added to AutoCAD is the result of different requirements of different users. The overall operation of AutoCAD is often referred to as “the best the world has ever seen.” The latest updates to AutoCAD are expected to improve the operating performance, reduce the time and effort to create models, and improve the overall user experience. Autodesk provides the best CAD tool at the lowest price.

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The workflow in AutoCAD is well-organized. Users are always provided with the best design tools and work efficiently with the latest technology. You will never run into a problem when you are using AutoCAD.

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AutoCAD is a tool that designers use to create the final design. Every parameter in AutoCAD is carefully designed to be on the left of the screen, which reduces the number of clicks needed to perform a task. The AutoCAD window automatically positions itself based on the active layer in the drawing and displays all of the drawing area. This helps you to save time and increase efficiency when you are designing.

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Architectural Feature

The architectural feature in AutoCAD helps you to draw the building plan for your house or office. It is an ideal tool for those who require more precision and accuracy when drawing building plans. Architectural Features in AutoCAD allows you to increase the precision of your 3D drawing. You can also zoom in on your drawing and get a closer look at any area.

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AutoCAD is an ideal tool for those who like to use images to create


AutoCAD models can be linked to the Microsoft Windows operating system through an application programming interface (API) called WDS (Windows Design Studio). By using the WDS API, AutoCAD users can run AutoCAD on non-Windows operating systems such as Unix and on computers that have only an X Window System or other X-based terminal emulator such as XTerm. This can be useful in the design and production of manufacturing facilities, in which case these facilities can be connected to the Windows operating system through a WDS or WDS-like connection. AutoCAD software can be used to visualize and print X Windows displays, remotely. For example, AutoCAD can be used to remotely control real-time rendering and printing of 3D renderings from a workstation running on a non-Windows computer.

The concept of “Enterprise” refers to integration of an AutoCAD model with a company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system or other enterprise systems, primarily through linking of the model with a company’s database of drawings, dimensions, and other information. Linking an AutoCAD model to an ERP system also permits the system to acquire all the required information automatically for use in the 3D model, without the need for the user to manually enter this information. Examples of ERP systems in use by companies include Microsoft Dynamics AX and Oracle E-Business Suite. In contrast, “local” refers to a 3D model with no reference to a company’s enterprise system, typically used as a prototyping environment or for information display to non-automated users.

Product lifecycle


The design of AutoCAD – especially as implemented in its earlier versions – was met with much criticism. Some of the reasons for criticism were:

It was too expensive, even for professional users.
It was too limited.
It was not easy to learn and it took too long to master.
Its complexity and lack of features were considered by many to be a deterrent to use.
There was no standard interface and applications could not be easily compared, so it was difficult to find applications that were compatible with the latest release.

In response to these criticisms, the first version of AutoCAD – renamed AutoCAD LT – was released on September 5, 1998, for an introductory price of US$499. It initially had some 3D capabilities and offered to import and export.DWG files from other packages such

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

No other CAD software offers this capability. Markup Import and Markup Assist lets you import both paper and electronic messages and visualize your edits immediately. If you have drawn your architectural model on paper, import that model into AutoCAD. If you have an electronic document of an architectural model, import it into AutoCAD as a drawing or as a PDF. All of this happens without additional drawing steps. This capability will allow you to interact with feedback in a much more efficient manner. (video: 1:25 min.)

New Drawing Properties, Filters and Styles:

Styles and filters have been added to the Drawing Manager window. Users can now work with Styles and Filters to change the appearance of their drawings, making their drawings easier to follow, edit, and use. You can now manage drawing preferences, such as colors, linetypes, fills, and dimension styles. (video: 1:14 min.)

You can now add drawing properties to existing drawings. You can now use existing drawing properties to quickly switch the presentation for objects. You can create new properties for use in a drawing and then copy and paste them to other drawings. You can use the same properties on multiple drawings, making it easy to manage your changes. (video: 1:30 min.)

With the New Drawing Properties capability, you can add drawing properties to existing drawings, such as a grouping, a color, a pattern, or a linetype. These properties allow you to create new styles for use in multiple drawings. You can also use existing properties to quickly switch the appearance of multiple objects in a drawing. (video: 1:45 min.)

With these updates, you can now change color styles on the fly. You can now use the Drawing Manager and the right-click menus to manage your drawing preferences. You can also export an entire drawing to a PDF file. (video: 1:13 min.)

You can now change the appearance of objects with a pattern using the Drawing Manager and the right-click menu. You can change the colors and the linetypes. The Drawing Manager is a new way to make changes to your drawings. The Drawing Manager makes it easier to create new styles for use in multiple drawings. You can also quickly export a drawing to a PDF file. (video: 1:29 min.)

With the Drawing Manager, you can now access drawing properties that are available in any drawing. You can use existing properties to

System Requirements:

– OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
– Processor: Dual Core
– RAM: 2GB
– Hard Disk: 50GB free space
– DirectX: version 11
– Screen resolution: 1920×1080
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