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BookingCenter is a user-friendly utility that enables you to manage the critical aspects of your hospitality facility, from making reservations to quickly issuing receipts to the guests who are in a hurry to catch their ride or plane back home.
Enables you to manage the rooms effortlessly
While it is true that the interface is unpolished and could use a fresher look, this is one of the cases where you should not let yourself be fooled by appearances. Upon launch, you are welcome a small window that displays a summary of your facility along with the status of the rooms. You can easily scroll through the dates, zoom in or print the occupancy chart from the context menu.
In case you need more details, due to a big group of guests incoming, then you can access the Daily Room Management window and check out the rooms vacancy as well as the one that need cleaning. Since you can keep track of this type of data, you can save time as you no longer need to go from room to room to check if they need cleaning.
Includes a few guest profiling and marketing tools
You will be happy to learn that the program comes with several tools that enable you to keep track of guests and even create profiles of the ones that are staying with you on a regular basis. More precisely, you can record information such as past preferred activities, purchases and habits, data that you can use to make sure your guests are completely satisfied next time.
Not only does this information help you make predictions about the occupancy rate of your facility, but it can also lend you a hand with finding viable solutions for out-of-season intervals. Since the program enables you to record contact data, you can send former guests vacation packages, discounts or other deals, for instance.
A simple, yet feature-rich app for lodges and hotels
Even though it comes with a rugged and outdated GUI and it could use an import/export function, BookingCenter compensated via its numerous tools that allow you to gather information for marketing campaigns, improve guest satisfaction and consequentially, your revenue.







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– Manager module
– Front-office module
– Housekeeping module
– Marketing module
– Billing module
– Advantages:
– Save money
– Save time
– Manage reservations easier
– Make the best use of your time
– Improve guest satisfaction
– Optimize staff time
– Manage your hotel with ease
– Manage all your rooms at the same time
– Manage rooms and guests effortlessly
– Track reservations effortlessly
– Keep track of your guests
– Count rooms and persons
– Keep track of the occupancy rate
– Generate reports
– Make reservations faster and easier
– Save time and make more money
– Make reservations for free
– Make reservations online
– Make reservations instantly
– Cancel reservations instantly
– Track reservations
– Manage all your rooms at the same time
– Keep track of your rooms
– Count rooms and guests
– Keep track of reservations and room availability
– Keep track of rooms occupancy rate
– Keep track of rooms availability
– Manage your housekeeping tasks at once
– Keep track of guests and housekeepers
– Track and record housekeeping tasks
– Automatically generated reports
– BookingCenter Download With Full Crack is a Windows application that gives you the power to manage your reservation process with ease.
You can connect to more than 100 online hotels to make reservations or update existing reservations.
Your online reservation management system is secure and HIPAA compliant
You can keep track of all your reservation details including the booking, confirmation, transaction, and final payment details. You can also review your reservations to see if they need to be updated, cancelled or completed. You can share your reservations with anyone on a private basis.
BookingCenter Description:
– Business module
– Booking module
– Front office module
– Housekeeping module
– Marketing module
– Billing module
– Advantages:
– Keep track of your reservations
– Track reservations
– Manage reservations
– Make reservations easily
– Save money
– Save time
– Manage your hotel with ease
– Manage all your rooms at the same time
– Keep track of rooms and guests
– Count rooms and guests
– Keep track of the occupancy rate
– Make reservations
– Manage reservations
– Make reservations instantly
– Cancel reservations instantly
– Track reservations
– Keep track of your guests
– Keep track of your housekeepers
– Keep track of your housekeeping tasks
– Automatically generated reports

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– Makes reservations at your property quickly and easily
– Unreliable means unreliable so we have created a new hotel booking system that has many more features to make your life easier.
– Friendly, user-friendly hotel booking system, and easy-to-use tools
– Allows you to easily manage your entire reservation system from a single software package
– Allows you to quickly and efficiently manage the entire reservation process from start to finish
– Accurate; full and correct reservation data
– Quick, simple and easy interface. The software displays the number of rooms for each room category and allows you to configure the number of people in each category
– You can also set up multiple check-in and check-out dates for your guests
– An extremely important function for hotels is the ability to manage multiple hotels at once
– Set different tariffs for different categories
– Filter based on category, name, tariffs etc
– The user friendly Hotel Booking Center allows you to set up a list of property providers for guests to select from, if they don’t have a pre-set reservation
– Allows you to customize the rooms with photos and images
– Allows you to configure the rates and tariffs for individual rooms
– Allows you to configure rates for multiple rooms at once
– Allows you to create rooms with special features (such as a balcony or a view)
– Allows you to easily set different tariffs for rooms in the same facility
– Allows you to configure tariffs for rooms with more than one bed
– Allows you to configure the number of beds in rooms
– Allows you to configure the number of rooms in a facility
– Allows you to easily set the tariff for several rooms in one facility
– Allows you to set your facility as a preferred provider
– Allows you to set different tariffs for a room (a single room can have multiple tariffs)
– Allows you to configure the number of people in a room
– Allows you to set the number of days in a period
– Allows you to easily create reports of various kinds.
– Allows you to create room reservations and work with reservations on the same screen
– Allows you to set your hotel as a preferred provider
– Allows you to define other hotel properties
– Allows you to easily manage all your reservations
– Shows your occupancy rate and revenue
– Allows you to create a sortable list of reservations
– Allows you to use a type of rooms and amenities you desire
– Allows you to export to your PC in standard formats (AVI

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Record online reservations and manage the bookings.
Receive online confirmation emails and track all your bookings online.
Issue paper bills, email and print receipts to your guests.
Track the stay of guests and keep track of their preferences.
Record your guests’ vacation packages.
Send mass email reservations or e-commerce bookings.
Trace the path of your guests from the room, to their transport or transport receipts.
Process credit card payments.
Send special offers to your guests.
Send special offers to the owners, if they have been inactive for a while.
Generate offline and online invoices for your guests.
Book hotel rooms using BookingCenter in minutes.
View your guests’ room rates in real time.
– Room Rates: check online hotel rooms bookings rates;
– PreCheck for new bookings: get the list of new bookings on your system;
– Invoice: generate invoices and print receipts;
– Receipts: receive online confirmation emails, view and print receipts;
– Guest Profiling: keep track of your guests’ past preferences;
– Media Library: import and export media files;
– Billing: process credit card payments;
– Airports: track the location of your guests, use the device to make the reservation or do all of it online;
– Tracking: track the path of your guests from the room, to their transport or transport receipts;
– E-commerce: process online bookings using the following providers:
– EasyReservations;
– Jetsetter;
– BookingsCenter supports the following carriers:
– GDS: Amadeus, Dinergy, Sabre, SITA, Worldspan;
– PTS: Galileo, OAG, Amadeus;
– E-commerce: provide online bookings for the following services:
– Travelocity;
– Orbitz;
– Priceline;
– Expedia;
– TripAdvisor;
– TripSavvy;
– Hotel Tonight;
– Bonjour;
– Localytics;
– Expedia;
– Agoda;
– TripAdvisor;
– Strand Hotels;

What’s New In BookingCenter?

Manage all aspects of your guest check-in/out/equipment using this simple yet powerful reservation system. Eliminate slow manual check-in procedures with the SRS system. Automatically process guest check-ins and check-outs and auto-invite guests to your waiting area. Book equipment reservations, room blocks, events and more with multiple guest options.
*SRS: Smart Room System
*Room blocks: Room Booking System:
*Intuitive User Interface
*Allows guests to be identified
*allows guest profiling
*Sale/Purchase Tracking:
*Ideal for rental properties
*Multiple rooms are supported
*Can import / export to.CSV
*Automatically generates and records
*Download and Import Schedules
*Print receipts from the guest in the lobby
*Customize Receipt:
*Printer Notifications
*Set Receive/Payment Date
*Print Receipts
*Set Receive/Payment Time
*Available on Cactus Cloud
*SRS Feature:
*Multi-user password protected
*Guest book management
*Multi-room Booking System
*Staff system
*Multiple users can share a room
*Supports multiple rooms
*Supports SRS
*Departing Guests
*Waiting Guests
*XML importing is for EXPORT ONLY
*XML exporting is for IMPORT ONLY
*Installation guide is available online
This isn’t the latest release. It’s quite old and has been abandoned for a while now. But we’ve been keeping it on our server just for the love of the X.
How to download?
Most torrent clients can download the file.
How to Install?
In the case that you are new to Linux, we have provided a detailed installation guide. In case you have any troubles, leave a comment below or you can also PM me, I’ll be happy to help you out.
Publisher: Xandorg
Name: BookingCenter
Version: 2.1
System requirements:

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