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Python: closing file handles during method returns

I have a class ‘Loader’ with method ‘load_by_params’ which reads a file and does some stuff with the results.
Something like:
def load_by_params(self, filen, parameters):
with open(filen, ‘r’) as f:
params = json.load(f)

# do some stuff, based on the params in params

return some_result

As you can see I have opened the file and set it to ‘r’ mode. I can close the file manually as I need.
But after the load_by_params method is done, I want to close the file. But when I close it, I get a RuntimeError:
Cannot call close() on closed file.

I have found a lot of answers to problems on SO with similar examples, but they all have methods that block or that are supposed to be ran as part of another thread.
I have another class ‘Job’ that uses the Loader class and calls the load_by_params method within its own load method, like:
def load(self):

# add some code to do some DB/fileset operations

loader = Loader()
loader.load_by_params(files, params)

How can I close the file properly, so I can use the returned result from the load_by_




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