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SteamSQS account manager (Version 2.0)
It’s a lightweight, yet powerful and full-featured tool to help you quickly and easily switch between your Steam accounts.
The interface is easy to use and offers a dedicated account management key for an additional security.
Its export feature enables you to copy content from one account to another.
SQS is free and open-source. Available for Windows and Mac OS X.

Worlds of Assasins – Free To Play Game
Worlds of Assasins – Free To Play Game is a free and funny rpg with combat system – you can fight with your enemies with your own hand!
Every enemy can be used for attack – in a special place of the world of Assasins you can buy special skills that will make your enemies more powerful or turn them to your own side!
Worlds of Assasins – Free To Play Game is a very funny game that your favourite movie heroes would have joined in.
You will be playing as a protagonist who has to pass a difficult quest to become an ultimate assassin.
In the game of Worlds of Assasins – Free To Play Game you will be using famous weapons from your favorite movies and games.
You will be able to fight with a real enemy and with an enemy that you choose.
With your own hands you will be fighting with them and their weapons.
You will be fighting against their humanity and you will be using it as an advantage.
You can change their appearance to your own liking.
There are many weapons in the game of Worlds of Assasins – Free To Play Game.
You will use your imagination to fight with the enemies and you will be creating your own special weapons.
There are many types of enemies in the game of Worlds of Assasins – Free To Play Game.
You can kill them by using a kind of special attacks.
You can kill them with an object that you choose.
You can steal their weapon, change their appearance or even make them your friend!
There are many other features in the game of Worlds of Assasins – Free To Play Game, but you can wait for the game release to know them all.
Free to play
No in-app purchases
No third-party advertising
System Requirements:
Mac OS X
iPhone OS
i 70238732e0

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• EinTOPF is a powerful yet simple tool that enables you to manage your development environment, containers, applications and logs under a single roof.
• Create new projects with ease, and work on multiple projects at the same time with Vagrant, Git and VirtualBox.
• Keep track of every change and develop new projects and containers in the same environment.
• Automatically backup the whole environment, including the VMs and Git repositories, every time you open it.
• Use Docker to run or build apps on a wide array of platforms.
• Understand the development process from start to finish.
• Work on your projects with ease, using an easy-to-use interface with a plethora of features.
• Keep track of everything that goes on with VMs, containers and Git repositories.
• View logs, and make troubleshooting easier by showing you the log files for your services.
• All the apps, containers and log files are intuitively grouped for easy browsing.
You want to download EinTOPF?
Download EinTOPF and visit
* Hibernate OGM, Domain model persistence for NoSQL datastores
* License: GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), version 2.1 or later
* See the lgpl.txt file in the root directory or .
package org.hibernate.ogm.datastore.mongodb.dialect.impl;

import java.util.Optional;

import org.hibernate.ogm.util.InternalCacheMode;
import org.hibernate.ogm.util.impl.LoggerFactory;

* Abstract class describing a mongoDB dialect for doing data migration.
* @author Davide D’Alto
public abstract class AbstractMongoDbDialect {

private static final Logger LOG = LoggerFactory.make( AbstractMongoDbDialect.class, “org.hibernate.ogm.dialects.mongodb.AbstractMongoDbDialect” );

protected final MongoDbSessionFactory sessionFactory;

private final InternalCacheMode cacheMode;

protected AbstractMongoDbDialect(MongoDb



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