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Hermon Baptist Church – The Blue Nile 1983-2008

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Hermon Baptist Church – The Blue Nile 1983-2008

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I bought this car a few years ago, and I must say its performance is great. I only got about 6,000 miles out of it, but I never felt bored. I would happily buy another one if I ever needed one again.

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Robert Frazier Swan Jr. (August 5, 1912 – June 25, 1997) was a newspaper publisher and engineer who founded the International Practical and Theoretical Examination Board. He is best known for creating the A+.

Early life
R. Frazier Swan Jr. was born on August 5, 1912, in Ocala, Florida. He attended McAlpin School, the Youngstown University, and Ohio State University. He attended University of Michigan in 1938–1941.

In 1944, Swan worked at the U.S. Navy as an engineer.

Swann founded the International Practical and Theoretical Examination Board (IPT) in 1950. Swan directed IPT until 1977, when he founded the Inter-American Institute of Engineering and Technology (IAIET). In 1981, he founded International Aviation Academy, Inc.


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