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This is a VBA Macro which activates BDE eXpress under Windows Vista / 7.
The BDE eXpress is a Windows form based application which allows the BDE running. It allows a easy user interface to manage the BDE (add, delete databases etc.).
A restart of the BDE is necessary.
Note: the KEYMACRO may have some bugs on Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10. Please try it on your PC first to make sure that it works as expected.
This is a VBA MACRO to activate the BDE eXpress on Windows Vista / 7.
This Macro creates an instance of the BDE eXpress.
When the BDE eXpress is running, it’s possible to add databases using the form “BDE eXpress Data” or to import data from other BDE databases.
The form shows an information screen about the current BDE eXpress settings.
When a new database is added, all the objects of this database are added under the “BDE eXpress Databases”.
The list of all the databases added to the BDE eXpress is shown in the form “BDE eXpress Databases”.
The macro can also remove databases from the list.
It can also display the value of one object of the database.
When a specific object is changed, the value of the object is changed under the form “BDE eXpress Values”.
When the macro finishes, it closes the application of the BDE eXpress.
At least two databases must be created on the BDE, a master database and a users database.
But only the master database can access to the users database.
With the BDE eXpress, users will have a management of their data in the BDE.
When a user logout, all the data of the user is deleted.
When the BDE is running under Windows Vista / 7, there will be no more a BDE management interface.
So it is necessary to restart the BDE when a user wants to add a database.
The BDE eXpress will use the value of a system variable “WOW64COMPATIBLE”.
This is to determine if the BDE eXpress can work under Windows Vista / 7.
The system variable “WOW64COMPATIBLE” can be changed in the value 0 or 1.
1 = compatible with Windows Vista / 7 45cee15e9a

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