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Nowadays, smartphones or digital cameras are rarely missing from our important events, and they are meant to assist us to capture amazing memories.
Years later, when watching the images and reliving these moments, you might also feel the need for some context. No matter if you are looking for GPS coordinates or some notes to refresh your memory, Memory Pictures Viewer can display them.
Neatly organized image viewer
The main window of the application is as straightforward as you would expect from a graphic viewer. You can load a single file or you can choose an entire folder to explore all its detected images.
The downside of Memory Pictures Viewer is that it only supports JPEG images, meaning that if you have PNG, BMP or TIFF files, you need to look for another third-party utility.
View image's GPS coordinates
A nifty function of this software solution is that it displays the GPS coordinates stored within your file. This way, along the actual image, you can view info about the place where it was taken.
In other words, you can view the latitude and longitude, along with the place name and the full address. Additionally, due to an integrated Google Maps window, you can view the exact location where the photo was snapped.
Reads the pic's notes
Another useful feature of Memory Pictures Viewer is that it can show you some notes associated with the current image. You can add the text using Memory Pictures, so as to log some details about a specific memory.
Furthermore, the application can actually read the notes back to you, so you can look at the image and have the program remind you various info about the day.
All in all, Memory Pictures Viewer might be a little underwhelming as an image viewer, since it doesn't support full-screen or basic rotation, flip, or crop.
Yet, it can display GPS coordinates and notes for your favorite photos.







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PicMe is an Android application that lets you view, edit and share your photos with friends. The Android app is free to download and use, and comes with more than 500 high resolution stock photos.
PicMe Syncs to your Facebook account directly from your Facebook friends list. All your albums are automatically transferred to the “My Albums” section of PicMe. The free version features 50 albums and 500 pictures, PicMe Pro has a lot more photos and albums.
During the free trial you can automatically sync your album to your PicMe page and share your collection online with your friends via facebook and twitter.
– Share photos with your friends through FB, Twitter and Email
– Replace the background image of your Phone with any Picture from your album
– Select a background music or even a ringtone from your Album
– Change your phone’s wallpaper to any Picture in your Album
– Zoom and crop your Pictures
– Save to SD card
– Password Protect the application
– Delete any photo from Album
– Tag your photos with special notes
– Change album names and even have albums turned off to just have an album of pictures

Free Download – PicMe for Android

If you are using Android then you definitely would have installed Whatsapp messenger and facebook messenger that makes communication in day to day life pretty easy and simple. There are plenty of other apps in the android market that you can also download but whatsapp and facebook messenger is perfect combination of messenger application.
Picme is also one of those in-built application in android, which basically is used for view, edit, and share photos with others.
If you have yet to download this app, then this is the perfect time to try it, as the free version comes with more than 400 high resolution free images. Picme features many more categories and there are more than 4500 images in the Pro version.
Picme for android is available for free for all android device. Our YouTube videos and Tutorials contain step by step instructions to install, using and using this app. You can also learn these from our android app guide for android.
We provide an installation tutorial to picme android application, to make it easy for new users. In this android app guide, we will tell you how to download and use picme application for android. For more such videos and ebooks, please visit our youtube channel.
– The free version of picme application is limited to 50 albums and 500 photos
– Picme for android is totally free

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✔ Organize, save and share personal memories.
✔ View or search images and display their EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) data.
✔ Use images as a template for creating a wide variety of notes, such as to-do lists, dates, or reminders.
✔ Save the images as HTML, JPEG, or PDF files, or email them via the built-in e-mail client.
✔ Includes the Google Maps application.
✔ Display the EXIF data for images taken by your device.
✔ Configure the advanced preferences and change the default settings.
✔ Export all the images to a new folder.
✔ Share photos with the entire network via e-mail or Bluetooth.
✔ View the geotagged photos on Google Maps.
✔ Display the images as a wallpaper on your device.
✔ Export all the images to a new folder.
✔ Drag & Drop images from the gallery to the application window.
✔ Organize and sort the images.
✔ Favorites features.
✔ View images in reverse order.
✔ Customize the spacing between the images in the list.
✔ Search for files or images.
✔ View the images as a slideshow.
✔ Displays a list of frequently used images.
✔ Displays statistics for your images.
✔ Export all the images to a new folder.
✔ Share images via e-mail.
✔ Set a notification when an image is added.
✔ View and change the default settings.
✔ Set the number of images to show on each page.
✔ View the names of the recently opened images.
✔ Displays the list of opened images in reverse order.
✔ Fills up the device’s memory with images.
✔ Add, remove, or drag images to reorder them.
✔ Export all the images to a new folder.
✔ Filter and display images by their size, date, location, image orientation, or

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Memory Pictures Viewer 1.52 Crack With License Key [Latest] 2022

Memory Pictures Viewer is a powerful viewer with notes, timestamps, geolocation, GPS coordinates and more. New, never seen before captions.
It’s the most intuitive way to view your digital images, no hassle or fastidious editing.
Also includes support for Android 2.3 and higher.
A powerful app to view notes, timestamps, GPS coordinates, labels, email the pics, upload to Google Picasa, Zip, Dropbox, Evernote and Instapaper.
View the full resolution original picture directly from your gallery. All format supported: JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PSD, TIFF, JPG, DNG, WEBP, etc.
Synchronise the GPS coordinates with Google Maps: go to the Google Maps web page and add the location of the picture. You can also open Maps immediately with this address.
Supports GPS coordinates using AffiliateNetwork ADSN Location Service, Google Maps, WiFi/GPS and GPS/WiFi networks directly without your smartphone.
Camera’s F-number: FOV — the angle of view of a camera lens. Also referred to as the ratio of the actual size of a picture or object to the size of the area that will be projected onto the sensor/film of the camera.
Download it now, a great app for all your photos.

Images that don’t load
Images that don’t load does not work on my phone. It will open the image but without the ability to view it. All the other features are there.


Rating: 1 of 5 Stars!

Date: 05/19/2018

Images that don’t load
I updated to this app from a paid app. I know there is an update but I can’t use it. I can’t see the pics I take with my phone or tablet. I put in the correct password and name of my gmail account and nothing happens. I can’t tell if it’s just not loading or what. I hope it is an easy fix. I have an iPhone 6s plus.


Rating: 3 of 5 Stars!

Date: 02/22/2018

Great app
My issue is a recent update and images will not open.


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What’s New in the Memory Pictures Viewer?

The Memory Picture viewer is an all-in-one utility for viewing still images. It lets you browse and view images on your computer. It provides a handy library for browsing and selecting different types of images. It can add new images, delete images, rename images, add notes, or show GPS coordinates within images. The application is very easy to use. You can use it with the mouse or you can click through its interface.
Images are displayed in their original sizes and the current one is highlighted to help you quickly find it. The images are arranged by date and you can sort them to find one in a specific order. You can also view the GPS coordinates and notes within each image. The notes are used to store important info, such as phone numbers, addresses, or dates. You can add new notes to images. You can browse your entire computer as well as your network or other folders for images. You can add, rename, delete, or edit notes within images. You can add and delete images from your current image library. You can also find out when the image was last edited by the application. This is useful when you want to view an image in the middle of some other work.

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System Requirements For Memory Pictures Viewer:

OS: Windows 7 64bit
Processor: Intel Core i3 or AMD Phenom
Memory: 2 GB
Video: DirectX 9 video card
Input: Keyboard, Mouse
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 2GB or more
Processor: Intel Core i7 or AMD Phenom II X4
Memory: 4GB
Video: DirectX 11 video card
Storage: 6GB or



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