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As its name suggests, ODT To Doc Converter is a tool that can convert ODT documents to the DOC format.
This kind of software comes in handy when you have documents in the ODT format stored on your computer but lack the necessary application to read them.
Since ODT is an extension supported by OpenOffice Writer, you cannot read this file with Microsoft Word. This is where ODT To Doc Converter comes in.
The program has a very minimalistic interface in which your options are limited. You can import an ODT document by using the file browser or the “drag and drop” method.
Once you have pressed the “Start Converting To Doc” button, you can view a progress bar of the current task. A window pops up when the job is completed.
ODT To Doc Converter uses a low-to-moderate amount of system resources and manages to quickly finish a task (the text format is perfectly kept).
However, the demo version doesn't support batch processing and you cannot change the output destination or name (the files are automatically placed in the same root as the originals, and have the same name).
Also, there are no kind of options that you can configure. Given the fact that ODT To Doc Converter is not free, you would expect be provided with basic tools, at least.
All in all, ODT To Doc Converter is a good program that does its job very well. However, it is a very limited software and not cheap at all. You can definitely find something better on the market.


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When I debug it is always like in the picture below where memory is increasing even when it is not being used.
All it does is read some number from stdin and puts them in a for loop.
I am not doing anything fancy with the numbers like filtering or anything so I cannot see how this can be a memory leak.
Can somebody point out what am I doing wrong here?

int main()

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An excellent way to convert ODT to DOCX, XLSX, RTF, WORD, TXT, etc. with ODT To Doc Converter. Just need to drag-and-drop one or more ODT document to ‘open’ button. ODT To Doc Converter can convert ODT document to all popular document formats (DOCX, XLSX, RTF, WORD, TXT, EML, PPT, etc.) with excellent output quality.

Create PDF files from EPUB books (EDF, EPUB, OEB, FB2, etc.) or edit them with Adobe Acrobat. OETools is a comprehensive tool with many powerful features for ebook conversion.
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This is a free PDF or image editing software. It allows you to crop, resize, rotate, and flip your PDF files.
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ODT To Doc Converter Software [Win/Mac]

QM To DOC Converter is a software specially designed to convert QM and QMT files to DOC format. It’s very fast and easy to use and has a simple graphical user interface. Its main advantages are that it is a free program to use, and is capable of working with lots of input and output formats: QM/QMT, QM/QMT/MIF, QM/QMT/QFS, QM/QM/DFT, QM/DFT/QCT/QTF, QM/QMT/SDV and QM/QMT/SDV/QCF. It is fully compatible with the Outlook MAPI.
You can use QM To DOC Converter on your PC from any installed Internet browser. QM To DOC Converter works with Windows systems as well as with any other web browser. Use its simple graphical user interface to convert your QM/QMT files.
You can also convert your QM or QMT files to any Microsoft Word (DOC) format.
If you are using EML, EML to DOC Converter can convert all your EML files to Word format. With this program you can convert your EML files to Microsoft Word (DOC) format.
If you need to convert all your QM and QMT files to DOC format, you can use the QM/QMT To DOC Converter.

QM To DOC Converter Short Review:

QM To DOC Converter is a program designed to convert other types of popular files to the DOC format, such as QM/QMT, QM/QMT/MIF, QM/QMT/QFS, QM/QM/DFT, QM/DFT/QCT/QTF, QM/QMT/SDV and QM/QMT/SDV/QCF.
The program is free to use and works in any browser or Internet Explorer window.
You can convert your files with a simple graphical user interface that comes included in the program.
As with most similar programs, QM To DOC Converter can convert your files to different formats, such as EML, EML To DOC, MSG, MSG To DOC, RTF, RTF To DOC and XML.
QM To DOC Converter takes advantage of a simple interface to convert your files with very few steps.
One of the better aspects of this program is the ability

What’s New in the?

ODT To Doc Converter is a utility that can convert ODT documents to DOC formats so that you can read them easily. The software can be used to convert ODT to DOC, ODT to HTML, and ODT to PDF. It is very easy to use. Read on to find out more information.

ODT To Doc Converter



ODT To Doc Converter

Technical Details

ODT To Doc Converter (File Size: 3.36 MB) is a free utility that converts ODT documents into the DOC format. This allows you to read ODT documents using OpenOffice Writer. The original ODT document will be left untouched.

The main advantage of the ODT To Doc Converter is that you can convert ODT into different formats. The program can convert ODT documents into DOC, HTML, or PDF.

Using ODT To Doc Converter

All you need to do is to select your input file and click on the “Start Converting To Doc” button. The system will detect the file type (ODT or DOC). For the latter format, the original document will be kept intact. For the former format, ODT To Doc Converter will automatically open.

Then, you can select a destination folder where the converted files will be stored. You can also customize the file names so that the program will recognize the format you want your files to have.

Additional information:

ODT To Doc Converter Demo:


Please Read Before Install This File

This software is only for personal or educational purposes.
You don’t have any warranty or license for this software
This software can harm your computer and your files so
please keep it in mind before you install it.
There is no detailed information about software you will install
but we would like to give you some general advice:
If you are unsure about the authenticity of the software you
are about to download, do not install it.
If you don’t know about the publisher of the software, the
website, or the seller of the software, don’t install it.
Please be aware that this software may contain a hidden
key or a Trojan horse, which may damage your system
in the future.

Downloads in

Pro version of
ODT To Doc Converter 1.2

Version 1.2 of ODT To Doc Converter has been released.

System Requirements:

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